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Providing original and FDA-approved medication is the primary purpose of our online pharmacy. Not only do our patients receive the most competitive prices on their prescription medications, but also top-notch support. A fully qualified pharmacist reviews all prescriptions to ensure that the highest patient health and safety requirements are fulfilled. Our pharmacists meticulously check each prescription and patient medical record prior to shipping any medications.

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Accredited International Pharmacy Partners

We only sell FDA-approved prescription medication in from Online Canada Pharmacy. At Rx Drugs pharmacy, we understand that not all patients have access to quality pharmacy services. That’s why we have partnered with some of the best international pharmacy networks. All pharmacies are accredited and meet the highest quality standards. So, whether you need to order a prescription or get medication refills, our pharmacy partners can help you get the care you need.

All pharmaceutical partners are licensed and accredited in their country of origin with their local pharmacy regulatory bodies. 

All our approved and dispensing pharmacies are independently accredited and licensed to dispense medication by their local government regulatory bodies. Our internationally accredited pharmacy partners provide the highest quality medications and are approved to dispense and export medication in their country of origin and follow safe online pharmacy guidelines.

Certified Canada Online Pharmacy follows best practice guidelines that are known to produce good outcomes for all of our patients. 

Canadian Pharmacy and international partners do not facilitate or procure: 

  • The sale of any drug or other substance that is tightly controlled by the health authority because it may be abused or cause addiction;
  • The sale of any prescription-only medication that may be restricted in your country of origin;
  • The sale of medicine that has not been approved or authorized for sale in the patient’s jurisdiction;

The sale of medication from pharmacies without required licensure in all relevant jurisdictions.

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We collaborate with a limited network of reliable foreign pharmacies and fulfillment facilities to provide you with authentic medications at reasonable costs every day. Licensed independent pharmacies are accredited by local and international regulatory bodies to provide brand-name and generic medication. At our  Canadian drugstore, we’re famous of our low prices and high quality, and we only dispense drugs from FDA-approved pharmacies.

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