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Pet owners proprietors preserve their pets withinside the fine of fitness with the aid of using taking them for ordinary check-ups with a veterinarian, and following any direction of drugs that she or he advises for them.

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The most common conditions for pets have been diagnosed by PetMeds have been  congestive heart disease, heartworms, flea and tick infestation, osteoarthritis, endocrine, cognitive dysfunction and dysentery.

In addition, there have been some conditions that normally occur in different breeds of dogs and cats. 

We have all types of PetMeds in order to to treat all of types of conditions, provided that you have a prescription form a licensed veterinarian from your pace of residency.

Vetmedin, Revolution, Frontline Plus, Nuheart, Previcox, Anipryl, and Comfortis are the most popular PetMeds at our online Canada Pharmacy. 

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Ingredient Pimobendan

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Active Ingredient Spinosad

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Active Ingredient Selegilinel

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Cyclosporine Modified

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Milbemycin / Praziquantel

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Active Ingredient Firocoxib

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Active Ingredient Lufenuron

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Active Ingredient Selamectin

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Active Ingredient

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Milbemycin Oxime/Lufenuron/Praziquantel

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Active Ingredient Selamectin

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