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At Online  Canada Pharmacy Prescription Discounts are the lowest you will find online. Our Online Canada Pharmacy ensures that before any prescription drug is processed and fulfilled by any of our international dispensing pharmacies they must take all the steps necessary to translate a medication order (prescription) into an individualized medication the supply that is both safe and appropriate.

At Canadian Online Pharmacy you simply need to search for the prescription discount medication using our search tool above and select the medication you require. Save up to 90% in comparison to your USA pharmacies.

Our ordering process is very simple and fast. you can navigate our website to find all the prescription medications at low prescription discount prices. You can place your order online or call us directly at: 1-833-356-6337 for fast immediate processing. Order your prescription drugs from a reputable and award winning Canadian Online Pharmacy.

Our online licensed contracted pharmacies will only dispense medications after performing a verified safety to check to ensure your prescription is filled according to your prescription issued for a legitimate medical purpose based upon a medical relationship with a prescribing practitioner.

All orders are carefully examined and verified by a licensed pharmacist to ensure all quality and safety guidelines are met.

You will always receive the best price when you purchase your your medication from our online pharmacy. 


Below is a brief description to buy Canada prescription discount online
and the steps our dispensing pharmacy take to process your order



Step 1: The dispensing pharmacist will review your patient information. This allows the pharmacist to fill your prescription. The dispensing pharmacy will check your identifier (birthday or home address). This allows for their standard compliance procedures to process your medication within the dispensing pharmacy’s prescription records. The pharmacist will check your health profile to determine if you have had this medication before, and what it is being used to treat. This allows the pharmacist to personalize your medication when the medication is ready to be shipped.

Step 2: A member of the dispensing pharmacy team will enter the prescription information in your profile, and check the: doctor’s information, medication, dosage, and any pertinent indications from the prescriber. The pharmacist will check will check for possible interactions or other potential issues through their local Pharmacy State Council Drug Information Database.

Step 3: The medication will be scanned and packaged with the Lot and Expiry date of the medication. The medication will then counted for the quantity, labelled and handed off to the pharmacist to be checked and verified.

Step 4: The pharmacist will perform a standard clinical check of your medication, assess for drug interactions, allergies, and double check your health profile by reviewing any previous medications for the same use to ensure it is the most appropriate drug, dosage and duration for your condition.  A pharmacist or pharmacy technician will perform a technical check on the accuracy of the information entered into the Pharmacy State Council Drug Information Database, the label and the contents of the vial or package. They will then print off any required counselling documents and provide patients with any additional information on the medication you have been prescribed.

Step 5: The medication will be properly packaged and be ready to be shipped. If you are ordering it is a refill, this may include an assessment regarding how well the medication is working for you, and whether you are experiencing any side effects.  

A detailed description of the dispensing process can be viewed below:

  1. Input & Initial Check (Do we have all of the information we need?)
  2. Therapeutic Check (Is the prescription right for you?)
  3. Preparation
  4. Technical Check (Is the prescription filled accurately?)
  5. Supply and Educate

1. Input & Initial Check (Do we have all of the information we need?) 

  • Prescriber details
  • Patient details (age, weight, medical conditions, allergies, etc.)
  • Confirm medication/items to be dispensed
  • Confirm indication
  • Preference details (safety caps, etc)
  • Prescription meets legal requirements of the regulatory body 
    in the country where dispensing pharmacy is located (date,
    drug, strength, instructions, signature, etc)

2. Therapeutic Check (Is the prescription right for you?) 

  • Ensure dosage is both safe and appropriate based on age, weight, etc.
  • Ensure the medication is compatible with current medical conditions and allergies
  • Ensure the medication is compatible with other medications being taken
  • Ensure the prescription is appropriate for the condition being treated

3. Preparation 

  • Select appropriate drug, brand, strength, form, quantity
  • Repackage when necessary
  • Prepare when necessary (reconstitute or compound from raw ingredients)
  • Review expiry, instructions
  • Apply cautionary labels
  • Complete documentation and records
  • Organize counselling aids (e.g. written materials)

4. Technical Check (Is the prescription filled accurately?) 

  • Ensure correct drug, brand, strength, form, quantity
  • Ensure correct formula/methodology has been used for compounded
  • Confirm successful medical insurance processing

5. Supply and Educate

  • Confirm patient identity
  • Educate the patient by providing material on the appropriate use of the medication
  • Review patient authorization of terms for supply when necessary
  • Provide additional information and recommendation if necessary for 
    patient to visit their doctor for further diagnoses on their condition

Never be afraid to ask us a question.  Your safety is our number one concern.


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