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Avapro (Irbesartan)


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What is Avapro used for?

Irbesartan 300 mg

Chemical Name IRBESARTAN (ir-be-SAR-tan)

ACIPHEX is an antibiotic used to treat ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), erosive esophagitis, or Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. It helps treat heartburn and other symptoms of acid reflux disease, such as a bad taste in your throat and belching. ACIPHEX works by decreasing the amount of acid produced in the stomach. It is also used to promote healing of erosive esophagitis (damage to your esophagus caused by stomach acid).ACIPHEX is not intended for immediate relief of heartburn symptoms.


Take AVAPRO exactly as prescribed by your doctor and strictly follow the directions on your prescription label. Your doctor may change your dose to obtain optimal results.

AVAPRO may be taken with or without food. Your blood pressure will need to be checked often. Visit your doctor regularly. If you are being treated for high blood pressure, keep using Avapro even if you feel well. High blood pressure often has no symptoms. You may need to use blood pressure medication for the rest of your life.


To make sure you can safely take AVAPRO, tell your doctor if you have any of these conditions:

  • kidney disease
  • liver disease
  • congestive heart failure
  • if you are dehydrated
  • are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant
  • breastfeeding or planning on breastfeeding
  • allergic to any chemicals contained in AVAPRO

Side Effects

AVAPRO helps most people with high blood pressure, but it may have unwanted side effects in a few people. All medicines can have side effects. Sometimes they are serious, most of the time they are not.

Some common side effects of AVAPRO are:

  • headache
  • dizziness or light-headedness
  • unusual tiredness or weakness
  • fatigue
  • nausea/vomiting

Serious side effects of AVAPRO include:

  • feeling like you might pass out
  • urinating less than usual or not at all
  • drowsiness/confusion
  • mood changes
  • increased thirst or loss of appetite
  • nausea and vomiting
  • swelling
  • weight gain
  • shortness of breath

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your physician for medical advice about additional side effects.