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What is Fiasp?

Fiasp is a type of insulin known as insulin aspart. Fiasp differs from other insulin aspart preparations in the inclusion of two ingredients that work to improve the onset of action: vitamin B3, which enhances the absorption rate of the active molecule, and the amino acid L-Arginine, which helps stabilize the formulation. Fiasp is given to diabetic patients to manage increases in their post-meal blood glucose concentrations.

Fiasp is supplied in 10 ml vials as a 100 unit/ml solution for injection. These vials are intended for multiple doses. The medication is given as a subcutaneous injection in any of the following sites: the upper arms, front of thighs or abdomen. Each pack contains 1 vial.

What is it used for?

Fiasp is used as part of an insulin therapy plan to manage blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes. Insulin is an indispensable component of diabetes management in Type 1 diabetes and is often second or third-line treatment for patient with Type 2 diabetes. It is typically used together with a long-acting insulin in a bolus-basal treatment plan.

Why use Fiasp?

The rapid onset of activity of Fiasp coupled with a 20-minute dosing window allows the patient great flexibility and more tailored dosing, which is especially important for patients with unpredictable scheduling. It works twice as fast as normal insulin aspart (Novolog).